9:00AM • Saturday • Uptown


Meet us at the Lake

There is beauty in consistency, and R4AP is no exception! Same day, same time, year-round. We meet at the Tin Fish Restaurant next to Lake Calhoun on Saturday mornings at 9:00am.


The Picture

We love smiling! Also: no run can begin without a pre-run photo. It’s tradition, if our Instagram feed is any indication. Oh, and by reading this you’re giving R4AP permission to distribute the photo for marketing purposes 😛 thanks!


Pace? Distance? Help!

Relax! Pace and distance are totally up to you. Some runners show up with headphones and do their own thing around the lake(s), while others stick together and do work around 3+ lakes. That group may run anywhere between 7:00 - 9:00min/mi.

Weekly events are created on Facebook through the Running for a Purpose group. Join today!

Past Events

Recap of 2017