Stick to What Your Body Knows

You’ve put in the time, it’s race week, and you’re going through your fueling plan on race day.

A big stumbling block for newer runners can be to take whatever the race expo and race course provide. I mean, who doesn’t love free food?! What many new runners don’t realize is that this can sabotage your training and throw your body off – resulting in a less-than-desired finish.

The age-old mantra of “don’t try anything new on race day” hold true especially in the realm of nutrition. Gulping down a “new and improved” sports drink could be the very thing your body doesn’t agree with. It’s crucial to stick with the nutrition plan you trained with, so you can be most in-tune with your body’s requirements as you push towards the finish.

Below, we will link to several nutrition sources that many R4AP runners use regularly – because they work! If you’re looking for a time-tested plan to help you race your best, give Hammer Nutrition a try.